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Thursday, April 29, 2021
7:30 p.m. 

Friday, April 30, 2021
7:30 p.m. 

Sunday, May 2. 2021
2:30 p.m. 


Livestreamed from the Crafton-Preyer Theatre
with a limited, in-person audience

Through this collection of new monologues and songs, Changemakers celebrates the tipping point of revolution brought on by local and national leaders who are fighting for change. Featuring the work of over 20 commissioned playwrights, along with group of devisors, Changemakers explores our nation’s most critical current events, told through a series of comic and dramatic vignettes created specifically for this moment.

Conceived & Directed by Markus Potter & Darci Jens Fulcher
Musical Direction by Ryan McCall
Scenic Design by John Dylon Rohr
Lighting Design by Trevor Rodgers
Costume Design by Nik Schrag
Stage Management by Jillian Wilson

"Pick It Up," by Andrew Saito, inspired by Diego Rivera-Rodriguez
"The Voices," by Nandita Shenoy, inspired by Tehreem Chaudhry
"Ladybug Day," by chandra thomas, inspired by Kennedy Brandenburg
"You Just Never Know," by David Don Miller, inspired by Haley Cogbill
"Fruited From Fear," by Jeremiah G. Coleman & Lewis Morrow
"Mea Culpa," by Sheri Wilner, inspired by Katherine Patz
"Chaos Theory," by Sherri Eldin, inspired by Kalen Stockton
"Land Acknowledgement," by Vera Starbard, inspired by Elijah Olson
"Cool Girl," by India MacDonald
"Closets," by Paris Crayton III, inspired by Asher Suski
"Still Casey," by Stella Rose Garibaldi & Ryan McCall
"Open the Door," by Aime Donna Kelly, inspired by Petricia Hall
"Dinosaur," by SEVAN, inspired by Chris Pendry
"Angel Amongst the Ruins," by Rodney Hicks, inspired by Gabrielle Smith
"Better Late," by Lori Elizabeth Parquet, inspired by Aubrey McGettrick
"Pure Love," by Chloé Ryan & Tammy Ryan
"Confluence," by Leonard Madrid, inspired by Cole Gomez-Maldonado
"Changing Thru Therapy," by Bill Russell & Michael Wysong, inspired by Ella Galbraith & Mary Spencer
"Now is the Time to Lock Eyes and Arms," by James Still, inspired by Lauren K. Smith
"Popcorn," by Stephen Kaplan, inspired by Kara Stobie

Cast: Kennedy Brandenburg, Tehreem Chaudhry, Haley Cogbill,
Jeremiah Coleman, Ella Galbraith, Stella Rose Garibaldi, Cole Gomez-Maldonado,
Petricia Hall, India MacDonald, Aubrey McGettrick, Elijah Olson,
Katherine Patz, Chris Pendry, Diego Rivera-Rodriguez, Chloé Ryan,
Gabrielle Smith, Lauren K. Smith, Mary Spencer, Kara Stobie,
Kalen Stockton, and Asher Suski

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