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University Theatre Usher Hall of Fame

The Last Cyclist - 2014

The Last Cyclist - 2014

Hanah Glimpse
Chris Pendry

Gabi Finkelstein
Brandon Hedger
Mija Jones

Tori Kilkenny
William Lea
Matthew Reynolds
Stacia Whittecar

Dylan Foster
Amber Garvin
Martha Keslar
Song Loftus
Jaclyn Nischbach
Cassidy Ragland

Jami Bessey
Amanda Gerber
Jaelyn Glennemeier
Megan Lethbridge
Micayla Miller
Orlando Newton
Thomas Tong

Sam Clark
Caroline Collett
Jake Dutton
Eric Shin

First instituted in 2014, the Usher Hall of fame is a light-hearted, but sincere recognition of the essential contributions made to University Theatre by our wonderful volunteers. Membership is awarded for individual acts that go beyond the call of duty or for overall excellence throughout an entire season.

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