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Call For Proposals: Online Theatre Festival

The University Theatre (UT) invites all students in the Department of Theatre & Dance to submit ideas for an online theatre festival to serve as the University Theatre’s fall production season. Streaming performances are scheduled for October 16, 17, 23, 24, 2020.

The Theatre Festival will include original and/or devised projects selected from student proposals. Most pieces will be pre-recorded. Live performances may be considered if deemed technically feasible. All pieces must be produced and performed following all University and departmental guidelines to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. Enrolled students who are unable to be on-campus are encouraged to participate as well. Individual pieces will be limited to 5-7 minutes in length and will be presented as part of curated performance nights based on a united theme. Technical support will be provided. All pieces will be assigned a faculty mentor. Digital auditions will be held to cast performers for all pieces.

We are currently interested in your ideas/areas of interest and will ask for more specific information after we review the proposals. We are not providing a list of possibilities for you because we do not want to limit your creativity. One question you might ask yourself: How do you see yourself responding to this moment in time? What inspires you as you look to continue your practice as an artist?

Please complete this form no later than August 10, 2020.

Check all that apply (Note: Curators work with multiple projects relating to a single theme)

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