Show logo: Drawing of an air guitar performer doing a knee slide in a spotlight.


by Chelsea Marcantel

October 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 2021

William Inge Memorial Theatre

Classic tunes from the ‘80s and ‘90s fill the air of dingy bar after dingy bar culminating on a glamorous LA stage where everyone–well, almost everyone–pulls for the dark horse contestant in an air guitar competition. This comedy focuses on individualism as well as the challenge of fitting in as a newb in a group that exudes coolness. Through the art of air guitar, characters discover their authentic selves in big hair, studded wristbands, and ripped t-shirts. Sure to be a hot ticket, Airness promises rivalry, glorious ridiculousness, and genuine joy. It’s a lifestyle for the competitors and great escapism for the audience.

Creative Team

Directed by Jonah Greene
Scenic Design by Kelly Vogel
Costume Design by Rana Esfandiary
Lighting Design by Nicole McKinney
Sound Design by Alex Weston
Dramaturgy by Jenny Sledge Harris
Stage Management by Bailey Dobbins


Shreddy Eddy - Elijah Olson
Golden Thunder - Diego Rivera-Rodriguez
Facebender - Asher Suski
Cannibal Queen - Jillian Wilson
The Nina - Lauren K. Smith
D Vicious - Lane Barrette
Announcer & others - Haley Cogbill