Crew assignments will be determined by the Production Manager. To be considered for a crew assignment you must fill out the Crew Application. Once we receive your application we will be able to issue you an enrollment code. Please visit Practicum for academic credit information or contact Jenna Link with questions.

Crewing responsibilities begin on the Final Run-Through (FRT) and end with the Strike. Please review the dates and times carefully for each and be sure to list any and all known conflicts you might have as this will affect the option(s) to which you can be assigned.


Call Time
Other Crew
Call Time
End Time
Sound Tech/SitzMon, 9/16/245:30 pmN/A9:30 pm
Final Run ThroughTue, 9/17/246:00 pm6:15 pm10:00 pm
Projection/Lighting Work OverWed, 9/18/24TBATBA10:00 pm
Crew TrainingThu, 9/19/246:00 pm6:00 pm10:00 pm
1st TechFri, 9/20/24TBA12:00 pmTBA
2 Hour Meal BreakFri, 9/20/24TBATBATBA
2nd TechFri, 9/20/24TBATBA10:00 pm
1st DressMon, 9/23/245:30 pm6:00 pm10:00 pm
2nd DressWed, 9/25/245:30 pm6:00 pm10:00 pm
Final DressThu, 9/26/245:30 pm6:00 pm10:00 pm
Performance 1Fri, 9/27/245:30 pm6:00 pmTBA
Performance 2Sat, 9/28/2412:30 pm1:00 pmTBA
Performance 3Sun, 9/29/2412:30 pm1:00 pmTBA
Performance 4Sun, 9/29/245:30 pm6:00 pmTBA
StrikeMon, 9/30/24TBATBATBA



Call Time
Other Crew
Call Time
End Time
Final Run ThroughWed, 10/23/246:15 pm6:15 pm10:00 pm
Crew TrainingThu, 10/23/246:00 pm6:00 pm10:00 pm
1st TechFri, 10/25/24TBA12:00 pmTBA
2 Hour Meal BreakFri, 10/25/24TBATBATBA
2nd TechFri, 10/25/24TBATBA10:00 pm
1st DressMon, 10/28/245:30 pm6:00 pm10:00 pm
2nd DressWed, 10/30/245:30 pm6:00 pm10:30 pm
Final DressThu, 10/31/245:30 pm6:00 pm10:30 pm
Performance 1Fri, 11/1/245:30 pm6:00 pmTBA
Performance 2Sat, 11/2/245:30 pm6:00 pmTBA
Performance 3Sun, 11/3/2412:30 pm1:00 pmTBA
Performance 4Tue, 11/5/245:30 pm6:00 pmTBA
Performance 5Wed, 11/6/245:30 pm6:00 pmTBA
Performance 6Thu, 11/7/245:30 pm6:00 pmTBA
StrikeFri, 11/8/24TBATBATBA