Complementary Ticket Policy & Procedures

University Theatre/University Dance Company
Complementary Ticket Policy

Departmental Comps

Departmental Faculty, Staff, GTAs, and Student Staff receive comp tickets to all Theatre & Dance Productions and may purchase additional “Promo $10” tickets. They also will receive additional tickets when they are directly involved in an individual production. See Production Team comps below.

  • Up to 2 comp tickets per production
    • Faculty, Courtesy Faculty, & Emeritus Faculty
    • Professional & Retired Staff
    • GTAs & GRAs 
    • Guest Artists in Residence
    • College Staff assigned to the department
  • 1 comp ticket and up to 2 “Promo $10” tickets
    • Student Staff

Production Team Comps

(In addition to those earned above)

  • 1 personal ticket to each performance and up to 4 additional discretionary comp tickets
    • Directors
    • Dance Choreographers
    • Playwrights
    • Producers
  • Up to 4 discretionary comps
    • Designers
    • Assistant Directors
    • Dramaturgs
    • Musical Directors/Conductors
    • Dialect, Fight, or Intimacy Choreographers
  • Up to 2 discretionary comp tickets and may purchase up to 2 “Promo $10” tickets
    • Stage Managers
    • Cast Members
    • Dancers
    • Assistant Designers
    • Assistant Choreographers
    • Assistant Dramaturgs
  • 1 comp ticket
    • Student Musicians
    • Other production team members not listed

Please contact the box office during normal business hours if you have any questions about complementary tickets.

Complementary Ticket Procedures

Complementary Tickets should be requested in advance. While we are sometimes able to accommodate last-minute requests, they are highly discouraged. Comp Tickets may be requested for both in-person and livestream performances. Tickets are subject to availability.

Only you can request your comp tickets. Please do not tell anyone else that they can request your tickets.

To Request Tickets

  • Call or visit the box office during regular business hours
    • 12 - 5 p.m. weekdays when classes are in session
  • Email the box office at
  • Use the Online Request Form
    • This form should only be used for comps, do not request "Promo $10" or regular price tickets
    • Submissions will be processed during regular box office hours and a confirmation sent when completed

Promo $10 Tickets

  • "Promo $10" tickets are student-priced tickets that can be used by someone without a student ID.
  • Payment is required when reserving these tickets.
  • Call or visit the box office during regular business hours to purchase.
    • 12 - 5 p.m. weekdays when classes are in session


Please direct questions to the box office or to the Managing Director at