Students and community choir members perform in "The Christians."

The Christians

by Lucas Hnath

September 27, 28, 29 October 4, 5, 6, 2019

Crafton-Preyer Theatre

Show logo: Drawing of two men standing on a crossIs There a Hell?

Over the course of two decades, Pastor Paul has turned a modest storefront of a ministry into a megachurch with a congregation of thousands. On the celebratory day that the church’s debts are paid off, his controversial sermon shakes the foundation of his congregation’s beliefs, as well as his marriage. Can his motivations be trusted? This Obie Award-winning play has been recommended by secular and non-secular publications such as Christianity Today, the National Catholic Reporter, and the New York Times.

Creative Team

Directed by Markus Potter
Musical Direction by Kelley Hunt
Scenic and Lighting Design by Lexey Jost
Costume Design by Spencer Walker
Sound Design by Kayleigh Shaffer
Dramaturgy by Kayleigh Shaffer
Stage Management by Hollyanna Mathews


Pastor Paul - Noah Parker
Elizabeth - Lusie Cuskey
Associate Pastor Joshua - Kieran Regan
Jenny - Dominigue Waller
Elder Jay - Riley Fullerton
Choir - Heather Anderson, Debbie Baldwin, Tim Baldwin, Jill Branch, Tehreem Chaudhry, Mary Conn, Ella Galbraith, D.A. Graham, Petrica Hall, Gracie Horvat, Ahsha Jones, Laura Kirk, Michelle C. Kirk, Kim L. Murphree, Michael Murphree, Matthew O'Brien, John D. Pryor, Ryan Reeves, Malcolm Reynolds, Jack Rischer, Chloé Ryan, Helena Salt, Diane Silver, Ty H. Skillman, Jenny Sledge, Asher Suski, Samantha Wallace, Jillian Wilson, and Taylor Worden