Measure for Measure logo: Drawing of the scales of justice balanced on a dagger

Measure for Measure

By William Shakespeare

February 25, 26, 27, March 4, 5, 6, 2022

William Inge Memorial Theatre

Hallowed for its ambiguity, this “problem play” challenges the audience through silence and sex, chuckles and tricks. From power brokers to delightful comedic characters, the classic explores themes around love, hypocrisy, merciful justice, and righteousness in enjoyable fashion. A rich and nuanced cast of characters react to a governing change together, while one individual’s life hangs in the balance, fueling powerful speeches commonly seen in Shakespeare’s tragedies. Measure for Measure was written during the same era as many of Shakespeare’s great tragedies, and while still classified as a comedy, its mood reflects that time. The play’s exploration of morality, government, and the ever-evolving fabric of society have secured its place as one of Shakespeare’s timeless titles.

Creative Team

Directed by Gabriel Vega Weissman
Costume Design by Lindsay Webster
Lighting Design by Ann Sitzman
Sound Design by Kayleigh Shaffer
Voice/Text Coaching by Aubrey McGettrick
Stage Management by Jake Dutton


The Duke - Jeremiah Coleman
Isabella - Allison FitzSimmons
Barnardine & 1st Gentleman - Caleb Bishop
Messenger - Zhanhong (Steve) Li
Francisca & Mariana - Nicole McKinney
Pompey - Bridget Olson
Provost - Chris Pendry
Friar Peter - Mickey James Pluta
Lucio - Jordan J. Ray
Escalus - Basia Schendzielos
Mistress Overdone & Elbow - Lauren Smith
Juliet & 2nd Gentleman - Claudia Sprague
Angelo - Sam Stapp
Claudio - Asher Suski
Abhorson & Froth - Anna Tracy